Sudhakar Singh innovator and entrepreneur  made this innovation vedic brush for 

peoples .which is 100% organic,natural.

What make unique this brush from other brush?

its handle and buds are natural,100% organic,feels natural,after expires it no traces for bad imprint on environment,eco friendly.its turn into plant after expire when it degrade in soil.

Why we use this brush?

because of natural and plastic problem done to our earth nature and plants,pollutions are rising,for that peoples are shifting toward natural & organic .its eco friendly and trusted. easy to use buds attachment and detachment system ,sustainable use of natural resource,cost effective,coming through new innovation is make easy accessibility for people and uses.

Is this safe to use?

yes,its fully safe to chew neem sticks are already chew by peoples. 

Is modern medical science accept this ?

yes, in many journals we can read chew stick are more beneficial than toothpaste and tooth brush. its already mention in NORTH AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (Comparative Effectiveness of Chewing Stick and Toothbrush: A Randomized Clinical Trial) Link-https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC411401

Is this cost effective compare to toothpaste?

yes ,its very cost effective from this innovation.it come in  half price for same day, how long you use toothpaste so its best to purchase.

What is the cost/day of neem chew buds?

it will cost you below 2 rupees/daywe

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